Oct 01, 2006
Turn a product into an experience

WHAT’s the best way to sell a house? You place wine glasses on the patio table. You make sure the kitchen smells of coffee or bread. You help potential buyers conjure up tangible images of

Oct 01, 2006
It’s good to talk, call, write, e-mail…

IGNORING your existing clients can be an expensive mistake because it can cost between five and 50 times more to generate a new client from the ‘cold’ market than to acquire further sales or referrals from the clients you already have.

Oct 01, 2006
Your brand is your most valuable asset

WHAT would you say to someone who wants to build a house on sand, and on land not owned by the builder and without planning approval? You’d think they were stark raving mad with more money than sense.

Oct 01, 2006
Get more from your customer relationship management

CUSTOMER Relationship Management is a term that is widely used and misused today. Before you consider implementing a CRM solution, whether it is your first or a replacement for an out-grown system, you must understand what it means today and what it

Sep 01, 2006
The ultimate financial leverage

RUNNING a business gives you a massive advantage over other people to an extent you may not have appreciated. You can be something like 100 times more certain of creating wealth if you run a business than if you invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds

Sep 01, 2006
Frustrated, angry and in the dark

PUBLIC relations is all about communication and influencing perceptions. When you are in business, every conversation you have with a customer or supplier is public relations.

Sep 01, 2006
Here’s a word to the Wyse

OUR environment has an impact on our behaviour, attitudes and even motivation. You only have to go on holiday or sit in a pleasant restaurant to realise that.

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