New scheme puts bank in its customers’ shoes

Dec 15, 2011


The Working With You programme aims to give managers looking after business customers with turnover of up to £25 million a greater understanding of the challenges facing businesses in this sector.
The bank expects 16 working visits across a variety of local businesses will have taken place before the end of the year.   
The programme aims to provide NatWest’s relationship managers with a greater insight into the workings of SME businesses and the pressures that owners or managers face on a day-to-day basis.   
David Ellinor (pictured) NatWest’s director, commercial banking in Milton Keynes, said: “We have launched the Working With You Programme to aim to improve the relationship between the bank and its SME customers. All our relationship managers will go to these visits with a blank agenda with the aim of getting under the skin of the business and seeing a new perspective.”
“Open and honest engagement is always a key component of successful business relationships. This programme allows us to extend that and actually view the business from the customer’s eyes, not just looking at figures on a balance sheet. Ultimately we hope this helps improve the service and support we can extend to Milton Keynes SMEs.”
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