New networking group puts focus on the work-life balance

Jul 28, 2019

Sponsors of the Business Health & Wellbeing group: Smart Recruit online, Your Office Space Ltd, Business MK, Uniquecapture and BDM Business Solutions.

A NETWORKING group has joined forces with a leading health club to tackle the  age-old dilemma that is finding the perfect work-life balance.

Business Live UK  and Bannatyne are preparing to host their first Business health & Wellbeing event next month. They plan to host future events every quarter at Bannatyne Milton Keynes in the Winter Gardens,  Central Business Exchange.

“Unfortunately, while health and safety in the workplace is standard, health and wellbeing is all too often an afterthought. We’re on a mission to change that.” said Business Live UK chief executive Victoria Beale.

“Everyone knows about the rewards that come with success in business, but far fewer want to admit that associated pressures can take their toll.” said Victoria Beale.

“Heading up any business can be a lonely role. Having a happy workforce makes for a more engaged team which in turn increases productivity and contributes to improving success.”

Experts will be on hand to teach business owners, managers and HR directors the importance of looking after their staff and themselves.

Mini-treatments and networking opportunities will be available and a buffet and refreshments will be served.

Bannatyne’s sales and marketing manager Daniel Ward said: “A common misconception is that, as a manager, you are supposed to be able to cope with whatever the job throws at you.

“It’s perfectly acceptable to admit that you are stressed or feeling rundown. But it is most definitely not acceptable to think that stress is something you need to put up with.

 The health club is the perfect place to combat stress and develop both physical and mental strength.”

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