Networking guru shares secrets of success

Nov 01, 2014

He will reflect on his rags-to-riches story and share his own fresh take on how to achieve business success.

Once £25,000 in debt, jobless, depressed and with a newborn son, Mr Burton realised that he needed people and appointments to make a success of his fledgling marketing business, and started 4Networking to achieve this.

Despite being laughed at for trying to compete with the networking industry’s leaders, 4Networking quickly grew to become the largest organisation of its kind in the UK, with global operations as well.

Now a successful author and media personality on the back of his business triumphs, Brad travels the country sharing his story of hardship and ultimate success with small business owners and those dreaming of taking the leap to start their own businesses.

“I am passionate about people starting businesses,” he says. “I enjoy spending time with local businesspeople and helping them in any way that I can.”

Mr Burton will be speaking at the Cowpers Oak in Weston Underwood on  November 12, 12 noon-2pm. To book, visit 

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