MPs: report shows Milton Keynes is a mecca for business

Jan 28, 2014


This year’s report, released yesterday (Monday) showed Milton Keynes to be the fourth best city in which to start a business.
Almost 55 businesses were created in Milton Keynes for every 10,000 people in 2012.
Milton Keynes was also rated the fourth highest city for private sector employment.
Milton Keynes North MP Mark Lancaster said: “As a city we should be extremely proud of the way we present ourselves on the national scene. We have led the way to economic recovery and have proven we are a hub for business.”
Iain Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, added: “I am really pleased with this report. It is yet another indication that Milton Keynes is leading the way.
“Individuals, families and businesses are choosing to come to Milton Keynes over almost all other cities. It pays testament to the hard work and ambition of all across the city.”
The Cities Outlook 2014 is the seventh annual report that the Centre for Cities has published. It is the authoritative economic index of the 64 largest cities and towns in the UK.
The report also showed that despite seeing the largest population growth out of the 64 cities, expanding by 16% over the past decade, the housing supply grew in accordance
Mr Lancaster added: “I am very optimistic for the years ahead and I know the people of Milton Keynes will continue to build on the successes we continue to achieve.”
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