MP welcomes robot delivery pioneer to city streets

May 15, 2018

Mr Lancaster is visiting the operational hub of Starship Technologies in Monkston Park, where he learned about the dozen robot delivery vehicles already in use.

He was shown round by former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik, now Starship’s head of public affairs (UK).

Milton Keynes holds the record for the most orders delivered by Starship vehicles in a single day. Mr Opik said the robot is revolutionary because it delivers at low cost, with zero emissions and at almost no time expense to the customer.

Starship is to continue the trial for the foreseeable future, working with Milton Keynes Council to ensure the results are included in operating protocols for it and others like it.

Mr Lancaster said: “You cannot have failed to have noticed the little white robots quietly making their way around Milton Keynes. I am delighted that the company has recognised that we are a “can do” city and was right to invest its time, money and delivery fleet in Milton Keynes.

“I am looking forward to seeing the project enhance deliveries for local businesses.” 

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