MP calls for improvements to careers advice ahead of National Apprenticeship Show

Feb 11, 2016

In yesterday (Wednesday)’s Prime Minister’s Questions Mr Stewart (pictured), the MP for Milton Keynes South, asked: "Next month Milton Keynes will be hosting the first National Apprenticeship Show.

"We have a strong record in expanding apprenticeships but would the PM not agree that a cultural shift is still needed to demonstrate that high level apprenticeships are an equally valid option for students as traditional university places?"

In response. Prime Minister David Cameron said: “I think my honourable friend is absolutely right.

“The careers advice we need to give young people is that there is a choice for every school leaver; we hope either a university place because we have uncapped university places or an apprenticeship because we are funding three million of them in this parliament.

“We need to go on to explain that to become an apprentice does not rule out doing a degree level qualification later on during your apprenticeship. The option of earning and learning is stronger in Britain today than it has ever been before.”

The National Apprenticeship Show is taking place at Arena MK on March 14-15 and will bring together employers, colleges and providers with those wanting to find out more about what apprenticeships can offer.

Over 100 exhibitors will are expected to be there making it possibly the largest event taking place in National Apprenticeship Week 2016.

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