MP backs VW’s national training scheme and praises ‘fantastic’ apprenticeships

Feb 17, 2014


He has called for more emphasis on vocational qualifications as a serious alternative to a university education.
University is not always the best way, he added.
Mr Stewart was speaking after a visit to Volkswagen Group’s National Learning Centre in Milton Keynes, which trains more than 740 apprentices and provides professional training for VW staff across the UK.
He toured the centre and spoke to apprentices on the group’s Advanced Apprenticeship Pprogramme. He was told that an average 90% of apprentices pass the programme, with almost all of them being offered employment.
Mr Stewart, MP for Milton Keynes South, said: “The structure of this apprenticeship is extremely impressive.
The Volkswagen Group is delivering a very important and successful apprenticeship scheme.”  
The Volkswagen Group’s National Learning Centre has been based at Wymbush since 2005.
Mr Stewart said: Apprenticeships, such as the one run by the Volkswagen Group and its brands, offer a fantastic start to a career and I hope over the coming years we see more emphasis on the importance of apprenticeships and other vocational qualifications.
“For a long time young people have been told it is ‘university or bust’. But I believe that is not the right path for everyone.”
Mr Stewart is pictured with David Sterling, head of learning services at the centre.
Mr Sterling said: “I am proud of what we are doing here. Every year we train over 20,000 members of our retail group including apprentices. I am glad to see the staff and the apprentices getting the recognition they deserve.”
Mr Stewart also tok the opportunity to drive Volkswagen’s first all-electric car, the e-up!. “It is a great model, very smooth and quiet to drive,” said the MP. “No doubt the apprentices will be working more and more on models like this in the future.”
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