Minister praises city’s work in tackling homelessness

Mar 11, 2019

During a visit organised by city MPs Mark Lancaster and Iain Stewart, the Housing and Homelessness Minister toured the new YMCA building project which will provide supported accommodation for nearly 200 young and vulnerable people.

The project aims to ensure the right incentives are there for residents to go on to fully independent living.

Ms Wheeler and Mr Lancaster also hosted a roundt able meeting with the Milton Keynes Homelessness Partnership at the newly established Unity Park Station.

Mr Lancaster said: “I am delighted to have Heather Wheeler visit Milton Keynes to see some of the fantastic joint work we are doing to tackle homelessness in our city.

“The YMCA is an exciting project, as is the innovative approach we are taking to get people off the streets through the multi-agency focus we see at the old Bus Station.

“I will continue to support all these efforts to ensure no one is homeless in our local area.” 

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