Milestone month as airport celebrates 80th anniversary

Aug 14, 2018

This marks a 3.1% increase compared with last year.
The airport’s chief executive Nick Barton  said: “July was a milestone month as we celebrated 80 years of growth and reached the next stage of our £160 millionredevelopment. Our transformation will mean that passengers can enjoy smoother and quicker journeys, and allow more people to travel to new destinations. 
“We look forward to welcoming even more passengers throughout the rest of the summer period as people get away for a well-earned break.”
As the summer holidays continue, London Luton has revealed some of the quirky items passengers have wanted to take in their hand luggage. 
One passenger wanted to know whether they could travel with a bonsai tree while another enquired about travelling with a set of frying pans. 
Questions asked of the airport’s customer service team also included whether it was okay to travel with car parts, a lampshade, a crispy duck from China Town and minted lamb steaks.

Kimberly Kennedy, head of terminal operations, said: “It’s always fascinating to discover what people want to travel with and carry in their hand luggage. Making the checks about what you can and can’t take on board an aircraft before leaving home is always my best advice.”  

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