Marketing firm offers seven good deeds to mark its anniversary

Jun 26, 2017

Your Marketing Needs, based at the Incuba, off Brewers Hill Road, was created by Katey Horne in 2010 and to celebrate the seventh anniversary, the team is offering to do seven good deeds within seven months to honour the occasion.

And it is a double celebration, after Your Marketing Needs was shortlisted for the title of Dunstable Business of the Year in the SME Bedfordshire Business Awards.

Katey said: “Even though the number seven is associated with luck, there is no luck involved in running a business or in getting shortlisted in awards. We have thrived in seven years because of hard work and our belief in giving something back.

“That is why I am inviting local charity groups, schools, or other community organisations, even local businesses to get in touch with their ideas for seven good deeds that we can do in the next seven months.”

Perhaps someone is looking for sponsorship, help at an event or even a spot of free marketing. Whatever it is, we are looking for you to get in touch.

Katey added: “We are hoping to be inundated with entries. We have already had a few and if that is the case, we will pick the lucky seven from a hat.”

To offer your needs wanting good deeds, visit the website or email 

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