Manufacturers, stay resilient in these testing times

May 30, 2020

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EVERY sector is facing challenges like never before. Consumers are changing their habits; supply chains are being disrupted and legislation is changing constantly. 

It is no different for manufacturers. While we have seen a great number of technological and process driven advances in recent years, manufacturers need to continue to evolve and rapidly innovate to remain competitive in the modern world. 

We have seen over the last few months a number of incredible feats of resilience and innovation to deal with the challenges imposed on them. The way that manufacturers have ramped up production of both PPE and ventilators is inspiring and points the way to what the future of manufacturing looks like. 

BSI is looking at these changes to try and learn what good will look like in future. What will manufacturing look like in the new normal?

BSI is delighted to announce that we are partnering with numerous industry experts and thought leaders to produce a free webinar series Resilience in Manufacturing. We have highlighted five key areas where we believe sharing expertise and best practice can be beneficial for not only the individual producer but also the industry as a whole. 

Covering a range of topics from the adoption of digital technology and resource efficiency to collaboration and enabling continuity, we hear from some of the industry’s leading figures about what they have learned and what we can expect in the future. 

Join BSI for a series of free 60- to 90-minute webinars and enable your business to overcome challenges and build resilience.

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