Manufacturer backs charity’s humanitarian efforts in export drive

Jul 30, 2014

The deal establishes the Bedford firm in its 19th overseas market only two years after director Chris Murphy set up the company’s export division.

Dunster House is also providing sanitation solutions to international aid organisation Oxfam as part of its work in Sudan and the Central African Republic.

The firm is planning further overseas expansion this year. Two-thirds of its products, which include log cabins, summerhouses, garages and gazebos, are exported to EU countries, in particular the Netherlands, Hungary and Romania.

It also trades in Japan, Russia, Dubai, Israel and Scandinavia.

Mr Murphy (pictured) said: “Our humanitarian line is growing fast and we believe that with the right distribution network we can provide sanitation and energy solutions to other developing countries.

"Over 2.5 billion people still lack what many of us take for granted: access to adequate sanitation. Our mission is to help resolve as many sanitation issues as possible.” 

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