London Luton ‘not as good as it could be’, says easyJet head

May 03, 2012


Low-cost airline easyJet has launched its strategic vision for London Luton Airport. It recognises the airport’s regional importance and its potential to grow passenger numbers, destinations and jobs.
It is also urging the airport and owners Luton Borough Council to work closely with airlines operating from London Luton on the airport’s development.
easyJet chief executive Carolyn McCall has welcomed the master plans published by London Luton Airport Operations and by Luton Borough Council.
She said: “Our mission is to make travel easy and affordable. It is clear that at present London Luton Airport is not as good as it could be and it should be positioned to play a bigger part in overall airport capacity in London and the South East.”
The easyJet plan calls for better access to the airport, an improved passenger experience for passengers – including less time queueing at security and immigration – better infrastructure to reduce aircraft congestion and a phased development of the airport.
Ms McCall said there was a wider need to build a positive consumer image of London Luton Airport.
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