Lights, camera, action! OU partners Pinewood on new film course

May 30, 2014

Budding directors and producers will be able to draw on Pinewood’s expertise, the home of the British film industry, combined with the academic excellence of one of the world’s leading providers of distance learning.

The new partnership was unveiled at The Technology Innovators Forum in Qingdao, China, which brings together leading creative and innovative industries from around the world. 

The two parties have agreed to work together on a free new online course which will explore the creative processes and business skills required when making movies. 

The course will launch on, the Open University-backed platform for free online courses. Available free of charge to anyone around the world, the new course will focus on the business aspect of the film industry, offering learners the opportunity to find out more about the commercial aspects of the film industry.

OU Vice Chancellor Martin Bean (pictured) said: “Like The Open University, Pinewood Studios is a household name and they’ve been responsible for some of the biggest smash-hit movies over the whole history of cinema. 

“By combining this with our experience of delivering a first-class student experience at the OU, we can come up with something really special. 

“This course will not just offer a window into an industry which fascinates so many but through FutureLearn’s global platform will actually help equip people across the world with some of the skills they need to succeed in the creative industry sector.”

Pinewood Shepperton plc chief executive Ivan Dunleavy said: “At Pinewood we pride ourselves not just on our history, but on the way we have stayed at the cutting edge of our sector.  

"In addition to investing in our world leading studio facilities we are committed in investing in people and providing opportunities for all to work in one of the most exciting and vibrant sectors of the economy – the film industry.” 

Recent government figures show that the UK film and television industry employed almost 240,000 people in 2012 and was worth almost £10 billion to the UK economy. 

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