Video maker Movey, which creates TV commercials for the ITV Player on-demand service, joined scores of business guests at the Business 200 networking event.

Darren Thomson, director of the Willen-based company, said: “The way people watch TV is changing dramatically. It is now less about everyone watching the same thing at the same time and more about watching catch up on demand at a time when people choose.

“Video on demand is also causing a revolution in the advertising landscape because the adverts cannot be skipped. They can also be fantastically well targeted, to town level and clickable, too.”

ITV’s business development manager Lisa Johnson also spoke at the event, held at Milton Keynes College’s Business & Leadership Centre.

She said: “It was the first birthday of the Business 200 networking group, which we were proud to attend and have the opportunity to share what we can do for companies.

“Milton Keynes is such a vibrant city for business growth and for new ideas and I think the audience, which reflected that, was very receptive to the message that you can now advertise on a video demand service for the equivalent cost of leafleting.

“Video on demand advertising allows brands to advertise around the nation’s much loved programmes, such as Downton Abbey, Coronation Street and The X Factor. It is an exciting new opportunity for businesses in the Milton Keynes area and we are delighted to be sharing it with them.”

Pictured: Darren Thomson and Lisa Johnson (right) with Jeanius Consulting director Jean Gowin, who also spoke at the event.

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