Leaders welcome government’s £300m investment plan

Mar 26, 2013


Sports Leaders UK, based in Milton Keynes, has welcomed the co-operation between the Departments of Culture, Media and Sport, health and Education to invest £150 million each year for the next two years.
Chief executive Linda Plowright (pictured) said: “This is the single most significant initiative to deliver the legacy of the London 2012 Games.”
Ministers have ringfenced the money for investment in teacher training, coaching and sports programmes including after-school clubs.
Sports Leaders UK already works with carious sports national governingbodies, the Association of Physical Education and Primary School Energy Clubs and is ready to play its part in the government’s plans.
Mrs Plowright said: “This gives a very strong message that government fully understands the importance of sport and physical activity in improving the lives of young people. Sports Leaders UK is looking forward to making a very strong contribution.”
OFTED has already highlighted Sports Leaders’ work in PE and sport at school level. The organisation is also a founder member of COMPASS, the new trade association for providers of physical activity and school sport.
Mrs Plowright said: “All of this points to Sports Leaders UK continuing to have a huge role to play in propagating the new culture of sport to inspire and coach every child.”
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