Lawyers speak at international conference

Jul 04, 2013


Trevor Coward and Troy Warner, who are both partners at Geoffrey Leaver Solicitors, gave keynote speeches at the Legal Counsel International Conference in Madrid.
Mr Coward (pictured) updated the conference on the advantages of litigating international disputes in England, particularly the advantages of its extensive disclosure rules – which are absent in many civil law legal systems – and on important recent changes in procedures in England, including budgeting for costs. 
Mr Warner spoke on various aspects of English commercial law and highlighted the advantages of setting up a business in England.
Legal Counsel International is an alliance of lawyers in 17 countries who work together on cross-border matters. Delegates from law firms in Europe, Russia, Japan and Canada attended the two-day conference.
Mr Coward has been at the heart of LCI for many years and arranged its previous conference in Milton Keynes. He formally welcomed Antonio Crespo, of Spanish multi-disciplinary practice Audalia, as the newest member of LCI. Mr Crespo is currently litigating a dispute in Singapore and New Zealand, which has involved obtaining worldwide freezing injunctions in both countries.
Mr Coward said the relationship Geoffrey Leaver has with Legal Counsel International is crucial to such cases.
“The alliance adds substantial value to the clients of all the law firms because it enables them to work with other trusted members of LCI, or their local contacts, in all parts of the globe,” he added.
“It means the lawyers have already proved their ability to the alliance in previous cases, and they can act much more quickly and effectively as a result.”
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