Law firm joins national alliance

Feb 23, 2009


Franklins Solicitors LLP has joined forces with other law firms across the UK to create The Legal Alliance and looking to other practices to join the network.
TLA will focus on marketing legal services provided in Milton Keynes to consumers and small and medium-sized enterprises using a shared national brand. It has already forged partnerships with a significant number of affiliates who operate in the consumer finance, insurance and retail sector.
The alliance has been set up in the wake of the the Legal Services Act, which received Royal Assent in 2007 and reforms the way legal services in England and Wales are regulated, putting consumers’ interest at the heart of the regulatory framework.
Franklins managing partner Michael Franklin (pictured) said: “If traditional law firms don’t develop their services in the wake of the Legal Services Act, they will wither on the vine. We are aiming to recruit member firms who will deliver legal services to people living within our local community.
“We feel that law firms are crying out for this kind of opportunity to ensure they are evolving in the wake of increased competition in the sector as a result of the Legal Services Act.”
Each TLA firm will operate within its own exclusive geographical area. Members also receive marketing support, access to group buying power, innovative products and opportunities for shared knowledge and strategic development.
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