Law firm hits the road to highlight impact of motoring offences

Nov 04, 2014

Cartwright King is offering companies with more than 50 staff and based in Milton Keynes a free workshop to highlight how employers and workers should deal with the issues raised by motoring offences.

Last year nearly 150,000 UK motorists were convicted of speeding offences and over one million fixed penalty notices issued across the UK. 

These convictions in many cases have a significant, lasting effect not only on the individual but on their employer’s business, affecting logistics, morale and profitability, says Cartwright King, which last month acquired the criminal defence team at Milton Keynes law firm Bastian Lloyd Morris.

Solicitor and higher court advocate Silpa Mistry (pictured) said: “Many of the most common motoring situations are shrouded in myth and often clouded by dangerously inaccurate comment.

“It is vital that businesses have a clear understanding of their corporate responsibilities and provide clear guidance to employees about how to effectively deal with issues as they arise.” 

The issues include:

  • Dealing with Notices of Intended Prosecution promptly;
  • Keeping drivers on the road when points accumulation means they face disqualification;
  • Understanding the detail of insurance requirements.

Cartwright King’s presentation takes less than an hour. The sessions encourage employees to be more aware of how to be safe, legal and effective drivers: “information with clear business benefits,” said Silpa. 

For more information on the workshops, e-mail [email protected]

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