Interest rate rise may come sooner than expected, warns Barclays analyst

Dec 30, 2014

Will Hobbs, head of equity strategy for Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, gave his market outlook to the attendees over lunch at Barclays’ Milton Keynes office.

Topics discussed included the prospects of global growth, in particular the prospects for the increasingly vibrant US recovery.

Mr Hobbs said: “The US recovery may help to paper over some of the economic cracks appearing elsewhere in the world, such as the Eurozone and China.

“We are a little more positive on the prospects for wage inflation in both the US and UK as labour market slack continues to diminish.

“This in turn means that clients should be prepared for interests to come a little sooner and faster than the central bankers are currently suggesting in both the US and UK.

“For capital markets, this suggests that the ride is going to rougher. However because of our belief that the US and UK economies have long been ready for an exit from monetary A&E, we still see some juice left in this economic cycle.”

Keith Southcombe, Vice President, Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, Milton Keynes said: “We were delighted that Will was able to share his perception on global markets to our Milton Keynes professionals.

“We have witnessed a growing appetite among fellow professionals for this kind of event, and this lunch forms part of a much wider series we are rolling out all over the UK.” 

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