Innovation and creativity restores the economy, says Ellen MacArthur

Jul 01, 2014

Ellen (pictured) hit the headlines in 2001 when she sailed non-stop around the world In the Vendée Globe race at 24 years old and subsequently broke the solo round the world record in 2005.

The circular economy model offers business an opportunity to harness innovation and creativity to enable a positive, restorative economy.

A circular economy is restorative by intention, she added. It aims to rely on renewable energy, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and eradicate waste, through careful design.

Ellen said: "Innovative businesses working to scale their circular economy practices are actively looking for new knowledge, research and future leaders equipped with a set of different skills.

“Cranfield’s rapid progress in this area demonstrates that there is a need but also a great opportunity for forward thinking universities to engage with the circular economy, and help provide the solutions to world-changing industrial challenges."

Ellen was at Cranfield University for the Schmidt-MacArthur Fellowship Summer School, a joint initiative between the Ellen MacArthur Foundation in the UK and the Schmidt Family Foundation in the USA.

It offers an opportunity for post-graduate students and academics from leading international design, engineering and business schools to support the transition to a circular economy. 

Cranfield University hosted this year’s Summer School. During the week, Fellows have the opportunity to network with the Foundation’s flagship business programme, CE100, at their annual summit.

They then return to their university to focus on a postgraduate, circular economy innovation project as part of their MSc. 

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