Index ranks city among the top 20 in the UK

Nov 30, 2014

The 2014 Good Growth for Cities index, produced by business advisers PwC and think tank Demos, ranked Milton Keynes 14th out of the 39 UK cities analysed.

The index uses a wider range of measures than GDP alone, capturing the characteristics of cities which the UK public consider important for judging medium- to long-term economic success.  

Milton Keynes is above the UK average in the overall index as well as in the income, health, owner-occupied housing and environment categories and is in line with the UK average for jobs, transport and skills.

Its performance in work-life balance, the sectoral balance of its economy, house price to earnings and income distribution fared less well.

Mike Robinson, senior office partner at PwC in Milton Keynes, said:  “While it is good to see that Milton Keynes is ranked highly, for the city to improve its good growth index scores, we must develop the skills required to support a broad business base and address transport and housing challenges, especially with public funds in short supply.

“The challenge is to identify how best to unlock the potential of the city – the engines of sustainable growth – by investing in the assets and enablers that businesses require to succeed and grow over the long-term, including skills, infrastructure and innovation.

“This in turn could be helped by achieving a greater degree of decentralisation, with stronger local decision-making and incentives to deliver the potential of places across the region.”    

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