‘I want my customers to know that I care’

Jun 08, 2019

Claire Harris, founder and owner of Pets 2 Places.

A LOCAL police community support officer found help in an unexpected place thanks to a  pet taxi service based in Milton Keynes.

The officer was on her daily rounds in Stantonbury when she found one of her regular calls very distressed. The elderly blind gentleman had been up all night in a state of worry after his beloved cat had failed to come home.

The cat eventually made its  way home but was in need of medical attention. The owner was in no  state to make his way to the vets and so PCSO Lesley did a quick search for people that could help and discovered Pets 2 Places.

“When I took the call from PCSO Lesley I knew how distressing this would be for the owner,” says Claire Harris, founder and owner of Pets 2 Places. “We all love our pets but for many elderly clients their pets are their companions and they pour so much devotion into them.”

Within minutes, an appointment was booked with the vet and Claire was on route to pick up the cat to take it to the surgery.

Claire went back to the owner’s house to tell him the outcome, and  even changed the bedding from where the cat had bled on it as a result of its injuries.

“I am often asked why I do things like change someone’s bedding or make them a cup of tea when I am a pet taxi, but the truth of it is that I believe in customer service and I want my customers to know that I care,” she says. 

“Many of my clients are elderly and they value this service. It allows them to maintain their independence and take their pet to the vet, groomers or even on holiday without needing to ask for support. I am so pleased that I was there to be able to help .”

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