Hygiene product manufacturers unveils new rebrand

Feb 14, 2021

Chief executive Nick Winstone, pictured with Bothongo Group chairman Dr Keith Bothongo.

A HYGIENE company that emerged during the pandemic as a division of a specialist biotech cleaning products developer has rebranded.

Healthguard Hygiene is to change its name to Bothongo Hygiene Solutions. The restructuring is in line with the need to consolidate the Bothongo Group’s growing global activities in the hygiene category. 

Bothongo Hygiene Solutions is a sister company to InnuScience, an established manufacturer of biotechnology cleaning products based in Milton Keynes at Knowlhill.

The same integrated UK sales team will be responsible for both companies.  

Healthguard Hygiene chief executive Nick Winstone remains at the helm of the rebranded company. “In 2020, we responded to the urgent need for hygiene products to combat the Covid-19 pandemic and created Healthguard Hygiene out of the Bothongo group of companies,” he said.

Nick Winstone

The company supplied predominantly frontline users in the UK with 10 million bottles of sanitiser.

Having built up a solid customer and assessed new opportunities in the janitorial and hygiene sectors, it became clear that consolidation was needed across the Bothongo Group’s main markets in Europe, North America and Africa. 

To ensure consistent positioning, Healthguard Hygiene has rebranded in order to reinforce the association with the Bothongo Group, renaming the business Bothongo Hygiene Solutions UK Ltd. The business is based at Towcester.

Mr Winstone said: “Bothongo Hygiene Solutions’ mission is to provide best in class and value-based cleaning products. The approach to hygiene is changing post-2020 and we have launched over 60 new products that are aligned to a post-Covid era. 

“Our vision is a world where people can live with confidence, knowing they are protected against pathogens by the use of our products to clean their environments.” 


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