Holiday village’s food delivery goes electric

Jul 23, 2020

Some of the electric mopeds being used by holiday giant Centre Paris to deliver meals to its guest lodges at Woburn Forest.

BUSINESSES in all sectors are adapting to the new trading environment. Many are assessing their health and safety protocols in light of a high contagion rate and ever-changing rules and regulations. None more so than in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality giant Center Parcs has reopened its gates to welcome guests, including at its Woburn Forest site near Ampthill. One of the most significant changes to their business is in dining and food, where Center Parcs is significantly scaling up food delivery service to lodges. 

Its vehicle fleet is managed by CLM, based at Newport Pagnell, which has sourced a total 60 electric mopeds for use at Center Parcs sites around the UK to deliver food orders to guests. Center Parcs is working towards a target of zero emissions and the mopeds help build on this goal while still adapting to current circumstances, the company says. 

CLM commercial director Andy Short said: “We have had a close relationship with Center Parcs, managing its fleet since 2007 and have always worked closely together on developing and refining the fleet policy. The business has always had a range of different vehicle types to keep the operation running smoothly and help serve its guests, from minibuses, vans, pick-ups to emergency medical vehicles. 

“With Center Parcs’ target to achieve zero emissions from its fleet, we were delighted to be able to source the 60 electric mopeds needed.”

Each moped is wrapped in Center Parcs colouring and logos. CLM has also organised driver training for Center Parcs staff. 

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