Educo-Gym is a new concept in diet and training. It combines a special diet with a weight training regime, which sees those on the plan lose up to 8lbs in only two weeks.

Businessman Babu Shah (pictured) has based the venture at the Bedford i-Lab start-up centre, on Priory Business Park. Mr Shah is pioneering the scheme in the UK. He says: “Educo Gym is the most effective way to lose weight healthily and quickly. In fact, it is actually the fastest way humanly possible to lose weight.”

Educo-Gym works by rebalancing hormones through diet, reversing the aging process and eliminating excess fat through the use of a physiologically defined machine. The system has been developed over seven years, by fitness and nutrition expert Dr Tony Quinn.

Backed by a scientific study and university research, the system and its combination of food supplements, training and a change in outlook results in a greater amount of fat loss than any other programme.

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