Powervamp, which has its main offices in Luton, is to supply an undisclosed quantity of its Sidewinder special power delivery systems over the next 18 months.

The deal represents a major coup for Powervamp, who won the contract ahead of some of the world’s biggest engineering firms. 

The Sidewinder is a retractable series of arms housing the high frequency cables that provide power to aircraft parked at the terminal. The system has been designed to give airports a simple reliable power transfer system; and is an essential piece of equipment, without which the airport cannot function.

The system is being installed at Terminals 2 and 3.

Before designing the Sidewinder, Powervamp engineers worked alongside ground handlers at Heathrow, studying the technical difficulties they faced during rapid aircraft turn round times in all weathers.

Powervamp founder and joint managing director Richard Roller (pictured) said: “You do not try and tell the engineering management at Heathrow – the world’s busiest airport – what they should have.

“With Heathrow operating daily at 100% capacity, the management know better than anyone exactly what is required, and quality and reliability are top of the list” 

“A number of influential people suggested it would not be possible to build the equipment that Heathrow required. However, we listened closely to what the customer wanted and we saw at first hand what was needed.”

Joint managing director Ken Walker said: “This really is a major project win because it is almost impossible to get a new product into Heathrow.” 

Mr Walker added: “It is completely understandable that they dare not risk disruption and delays through unproven equipment. There simply is no room for failure.” 

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