Government must lay out the route to recovery, say Chamber chiefs

Oct 07, 2011


They have welcomed the government’s commitment to cut red tape and its pledge to get credit flowing to small companies. Reform of the planning system will reassure businesses looking to expand and invest in new premises.
Milton Keynes & North Bucks Chamber chief executive Rita Spada said:  “Entrepreneurs tell us they want to hear more about how business is good for Britain in the months ahead. The immediate task now facing the Prime Minister and Cabinet is to lay out the route to recovery, with alternative paths at the ready in case of further shocks from foreign shores.
“Ministers must commit to a ‘Plan A+’ for growth, starting with the Autumn Statement.”
Cheryl Smart, chief executive of Bedfordshire Chamber, said: "The Prime Minister’s task was to highlight the need for optimism about the future of the economy and he delivered on this critical point. Businesses need continuous reassurance that there is a plan for fiscal stability and a clear road map which will steer us towards the sunlit uplands and beyond.
“Business will welcome the Prime Minister’s commitment to cutting red tape, and to get credit flowing to small companies. For too long, these obstacles have hampered companies’ ability to focus on wealth creation and jobs, acting as a distraction and a drag anchor.”
She added: “Business wants to know what specific, direct measures will be put in place to encourage investment, grow exports and nurture jobs growth.”
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