Go virtual… Forum focuses on cutting travel costs to meetings

Jul 03, 2014

A recent survey found that travel costs and time spent on the road and in face-to-face meetings cost UK companies a staggering £15,979 per head, every year.

At the Smarter Working Forum, to be held on July 10 noon-2pm at T-Systems in Tilbrook, businesses will see how they can reduce or avoid unnecessary travel to save costs and boost productivity.

T-Systems chief technology officer Scott Cairns said: “We are now conducting business in a digital age, where rapid innovation in communication capabilities make the world a smaller place day by day.

"Despite these innovations, our first thought is often still to arrange a physical meeting, even though technology could circumvent this necessity and lead to a more productive and better facilitated meeting experience.

"Virtualisation of the meeting experience is very much a cultural change, just as it is a technical change."

The Smarter Working Forum is the latest event supporting the Smartgo Milton Keynes business travel network, developed and co-ordinated by specialist sustainable travel consultancy Go Travel Solutions with support from Milton Keynes Council and Volkswagen.

Smartgo Milton Keynes offers a membership package that includes travel incentives and discounts, transport expertise and collaboration opportunities with other employers and transport providers. 

Go Travel Solutions managing director Robin Pointon said: “The notion of virtual meetings is not a new concept but this simple method for reducing or avoiding unnecessary travel has not taken off in ways you would expect within the business world.

"The concept of reducing unnecessary business travel with associated costs is at the cornerstone of sustainable travel planning and we are keen to show how this can be achieved by utilising the latest technological developments.” 

To register, book online at https://smarterworking1.eventbrite.co.uk. The event is co-ordinated by Go Travel Solutions with support from T-Systems. It will be held at T-Systems Ltd, Futura House, Bradbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes MK7 8AZ. 

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