Get to know your colleagues – go out for lunch

Apr 21, 2011


Yet they are missing out on a valuable networking and team-building opportunity by not taking a break and going out for lunch with colleagues.
The findings, released as part of The Barn Beefeater Grill ‘Campaign for Proper Lunch’ reveal that networking and getting to know colleagues is low on the priority list. 
Only 6% admitted to knowing when their workmates birthdays are: 17% could name their colleagues spouses, with 11% able to name all of their colleagues’ children.
Enjoying a ‘proper lunch’ can help to counter a mid-afternoon energy slump as only 11% of workers in Milton Keynes felt that the hours between 2pm and 4pm was their most productive time during the working day. 
Business and lifestyle coach Debi Beattie said: “It seems that workers know very little about each other, with 85% in Milton Keynes admitting they don’t even know how their teammates take their tea! 
"Taking time away from your desk to have a proper lunch can be hugely beneficial in terms of vital networking and getting to know your colleagues.”
Beefeater Grill spokewoman Kathryn Mitchell said: “The campaign is designed to remind workers that a proper lunch can be taken any day of the week and lunch can be a great opportunity to catch-up with work colleagues.
"If you don’t like the idea of spending every lunch break with your workmates, you could on occasion use the hour to spend time with loved ones.  After all, 20% of busy workers in the area currently spend just an hour of quality time with their family each day.”
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