Generous staff rally to help homeless

Feb 17, 2018

They have decided to  create regular packages of essential items for the homeless. The initiative was inspired by conversations with those sleeping rough in the city.

A package distributed at Christmas was so well received that staff fundraised for a second one which they distributed two weeks later.

Now they have committed to providing a package each month and will continue to fundraise for extra package runs throughout the year.

  • Pictured: Executive assistant Ami Sanderson (left) and office adminstrator Casey McCarthy with items already collected for the next essentials package to be distributed to the homeless.
White Clarke Group, based at Linford Wood,  provides IT solutions for the financial services sector. Group chief executive Brendan Gleeson said: “These packages will include items to help people survive the cold, cheer them up, protect them in the summer and make sure they know that the community of Milton Keynes still cares about them.”

It has previously been involved with Refugees Welcome Milton Keynes and partnered with GoCode Academy to offer fully fund scholarships to students from low income backgrounds in Milton Keynes. 

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