Garden reflects innocence of those helped by aid charity, says winning designer

Jul 09, 2016

Award-winning garden designer John Warland has used the 15 metre x 10 metre plot to expand on the stunning World Vision garden that the Milton Keynes-based charity exhibited at Chelsea Flower Show.

John chose the daises to represent the purity and innocence of children helped by the international humanitarian aid charity. The waves of turf, inspired by the unpredictable ups and downs of life, appear to float above the carefree meadow of childhood below.

John, the designer behind the Queen’s Coronation Arch at Windsor Castle, said: “When communities are hit by natural disasters or outbreaks of disease such as the Ebola and Zika viruses, children are often the most vulnerable.

“However, World Vision is able to respond immediately and effectively to protect them.”

The ribbons of turf echo the community and family links World Vision forges through their work, he added. “One ribbon alone is relatively weak, but as a chain it takes on a whole new strength.” 

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