Free travel offer aims to encourage workers on to the buses

Sep 11, 2013


And businesses in Milton Keynes are being encouraged to give their employees the chance to try the bus as a means of travelling to and from work, rather than using their car.
Until the end of October, firms based in the borough can offer their staff a FREE seven-day Arriva bus ticket worth £14 and a get on board journey plan pack containing personalised travel information for their journey from home to work by bus.
The council has been awarded £2.23 million from the Department for Transport’s Better Bus Area Fund to support bus services in urban areas where an increase in bus use can help cut congestion, reduce carbon emissions and create growth. 
The get on board campaign builds upon recent improvements to Arriva’s bus network, which have resulted in an increase in bus use of almost 10% since April 2010, and includes a number of further improvements to the bus network in Milton Keynes:
  • Enhancing real time passenger information systems at bus stops;
  • Smart ticketing in the form of cashless prepayment cards for bus users;
  • Personal travel advice to inform more than 50,000 households about local bus routes, times and fares;
  • Improvements to bus stations and interchanges in the borough;
  • Better signage to bus stops in selected neighbourhoods with high bus use.
get on board is just one part of the council’s Smarter Choices programme promoting sustainable transport options as an alternative to the car.
Cllr John Bint, portfolio holder for Transport and Highways, says: “The council is committed to promoting sustainable transport options as set out in our Core Strategy. As Milton Keynes grows we need to ensure that we are providing sustainable transport options that are both environmentally friendly and meet the needs of all residents.”
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