Forum debates the technology revolution in financial services

Feb 04, 2017

Financial Technology – or FinTech – gives SMEs the opportunity to make big savings on their accountancy bills at the same time as challenging traditional white collar firms to change their business models.

Companies will find out how they can take advantage of the tsunami of change coming their way at a special event organized by Milton Keynes-based technology forum Biztech at the Open University in Milton Keynes on February 23.

Biztech chairman Fredi Nonyelu (pictured) said: “Technology has changed the landscape for many traditional businesses; including manufacturers and newspapers to name just two.

“Now technology is challenging traditionally white collar industries like accountancy.

“One thing is for sure; if those industries do not adapt to change  and act like King Canute in trying to hold back the tide, they will surely go under.”

Most people know how easy it is to use banking apps to manage their accounts while on the move.

That very small example gives an idea of the scale of what is coming for the financial services sector as technology disrupts old ways of working.

Speakers at the forum will be from The Open University and financial planning expert Wealth and Tax Management, a Milton Keynes company that has embraced the FinTech revolution.

Understanding FinTech is also vital for people seeking to work in the financial sector.

Biztech has teamed up with The Open University, which runs the world’s first online FinTech 101 training course, to organise the event from 5.30pm.

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