Expert to assess impact of smart contracts for employers

Nov 19, 2018

The Challenge of Smart Contracts takes place at the Michael Young Building on the Walton Hall campus on November 29, 8am-9.30am. Dr Robert Herian, author of Regulating Blockchain: Critical Perspectives in Law and Technology, will examine how the emergence of the smart contract is impacting on business and the law itself.

He said: “Even if we suspend judgement on whether or not smart contracts and the wider blockchain architecture that supports them is “revolutionary” or “disruptive”, the reality is that smart contracts, at least as a concept, are affecting the global contractual landscape by forcing a reappraisal of fundamentals such as what is a contract, what must a contract do, and who gets to decide?”

Dr Herian’s work is recognised nationally and internationally via a number of publications and presentations. 

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