Internal communications agency Headlines is preparing to move to its new base at Knowlhill from its current premises in Central Milton Keynes.

MediaHub MK, a 8,000 sq ft two-storey office building, will become home to the agency’s 40 staff and Headlines is also looking to welcome like-minded media people from across the city who want a vibrant and creative place to work.

Headlines chief executive Peter Doherty (pictured) said: “Media people need each other. We are best when we share ideas, experiences, contacts and expertise.

“Whether it is ideas, inspiration or simply winning work, we are much better together than on our own.

“Headlines often needs expert help and we also like to share our knowledge and skills. We are happy to work with excellent people who want to share our success.”

Headlines has been established for 20 years and has operated from a base in Silbury Boulevard since 2001. The agency has teams of journalists, designers, video, digital and social media specialists and strategic consultants.

It reaches an audience of more than eight million people in 52 countries, with clients including Shell, Transport for London, Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover and Nike. 

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