Out for Good is working to tackle the problem of social isolation that still exists for LGBT+ people by establishing a network of real world social groups with a common aim to positively engage in their wider community.

The funding has come from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, one of the UK’s largest independent grant-making foundations. The Foundation’s main aim is to help people to overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity.

Mr McIntyre, currently a MBA student at Cranfield, said: “I am so grateful for this grant from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation which will allow me to engage with other LGBT+ organisations across the UK, meet with potential members and community organisations and prepare for launch.

“I’ve worked in the voluntary sector for my entire career and always wanted to start my own charity. The MBA has not only taught me the skills and knowledge necessary to launch and lead a new venture, it has also given me the confidence to do so.”

Out For Good will rely on membership subscriptions and the time, expertise and skills of supporters to make a difference to communities across the UK. Although not yet established enough to be a registered charity, the not-for-profit organisation aims toachieve this status within the next 12 months.

Dr Stephanie Hussels, senior lecturer in entrepreneurship at Cranfield, said: “This is a great achievement for Out For Good. Securing funding is a fundamental step in getting a business off the ground and I look forward to supporting Steven with his philanthropic venture.” 

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