Electric vehicles will create energy supply challenge, warns expert

May 18, 2012

Dr David Owen, a senior lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire’s Business School, told an international conference in Singapore that the growth in demand for electricity would create pressure on power supply and distribution.
He urged energy suppliers to plan ahead in order to meet and keep pace with demand.
Dr Owen was the keynote speaker at the Smart Electricity World Asia conference in Singapore, at which he presented his paper The impacts of Electric Vehicles on the Grid and Electricity Utilities to an audience that included electricity industry leaders and government officials.
He told the conference: “Major manufactures such as Nissan, Toyota, Honda and Vauxhall are competing to develop the next generation of mass market electric powered vehicles and these will create new challenges for those generating and supplying power, as more electric vehicles increase demand for electricity and will also place stresses on local electricity supply and distribution networks.
“This is an exciting time for the motor industry but one that electricity suppliers eed to plan for."
Before embarking on his academic career, Dr Owen worked in the electricity industry at the UK Central Electricity Generating Board and later at PowerGen plc.
He has worked on numerous UK and European electric vehicle market demonstration projects and has represented the UK at the US International Electrotechnical Commission.


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