Dons chairman backs start-up campaign

Jul 28, 2009


Pete Winkelman, who established his residential recording studio at Great Linford Manor, brought professional football to Milton Keynes and created Stadium:MK. Now he is backing a Business Link initiative to encourage people to set up their own business venture.
Business support organisation Business Link will host a Foundations For Success workshop on August 18 at Hilton Milton Keynes, which will outline the factors in setting up a business.
Mr Winkelman (pictured) said: “Success results from focus and hard work. It is easier to work harder if you are doing something you know about and enjoy.
“When I started, I was 25, very ambitious and I knew I could put the skills I had learned in the music business to work for me. Starting your own business can be the most exhilarating thing in the world. ”
More than 3,600 people in Milton Keynes have been made redundant since October, according to government figures. Business Link helped 610 people in the city last year.
Partnership manager Julie Murdoch said: “It is clear from Pete that starting a business is exciting but there is a lot to learn.”
For more information, telephone 0845 600 9006 or visit
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