Directors choose to live in Milton Keynes

Jun 24, 2008

The KDB Annual Survey of UK Company Directors 2008 has found that more board members are moving here in spite of a nationwide migration from the South of England, to more northerly regions, as well as Scotland and Wales.

The 2.83 million company directors in the UK make a disproportionate contribution to both local and national economies. Despite making up only 6% of the adult population, they contribute one-third of income tax revenue and more than £5.7 billion in council tax.

Between 2004-07, The KDB survey found that the percentage of the adult population in Milton Keynes who are company directors rose to 6.9% between 2004 and 2007, while the figure for the MK postcode as a whole stayed steady at 7.4%.

The rise in company directors in Milton Keynes was in contrast to the nationwide trend. London still has the highest density of company directors in the country (10.4% of the adult population) but the South East, at 8.1%, saw the biggest fall in the proportion of the population who are company directors. At 5.5% East Anglia also saw a fall.

KDB chief analyst Matt Boot said: “The concentration of company directors in a given area of the country provides an important indicator of that area’s affluence and local economic health.”

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