Digital forensics specialist sold to UK’s market leader

Jun 04, 2019

A DIGITAL forensics specialist that works with law
enforcement, defence, government and big business has new owners.

CCL Group, the UK’s leading provider of digital forensics,
data analytics and cyber security services, has acquired Milton Keynes-based
Evidence Talks.

The company has earned a global reputation with law
enforcement and the military with its specialist triage solution SPEKTOR, used
in major operations to gather data and provide actionable intelligence for fast
moving investigations.

CCL Group chief executive Andrew Archibald said: “The addition of
Evidence Talks strengthens our overall presence in the digital forensics market
with unique products and tools that have a significant impact on the success of
complex investigations around the world.”

The acquisition of Evidence Talks, founded by Andrew and Elizabeth Sheldon pictured and based at Fox Milne,  is part of CCL’s strategy to continually innovate and develop world-class digital forensics to UK and international organisations.

Evidence Talks’ unique forensic technology and hardware further strengthens the depth and range of services for which major organisations have come to rely on CCL Group, Mr Archibald added.

Founded in
1993, Evidence Talks has built a team of security-cleared forensic analysts,
trainers, digital artists and software developers to create innovative forensic
technologies, training and tools. Its work is recognised as important in the
fight against cybercrime.

Co-founder and chairman Elizabeth Sheldon said: “As one of the leading digital forensics providers globally, we are confident that CCL Group is the right partner to join forces with to build on what we have achieved so far and plan the next stage of our journey.

“CCL Group shares our passion and deep understanding of digital forensics and the markets in which we operate and we look forward to bringing new innovation and industry leading solutions to our customers and partners.”

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