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Apr 05, 2013


The Virtual Assistant Ultra is being used by retailers to broadcast important information for shoppers and highlight products and promotions.
The Virtual Assistant Ultra, designed by leading customer management solutions specialist Tensator at Linford Wood, has a footprint of a mere 20 square inches and fits almost anywhere within a store.
The concept is an extension of the Virtual Assistants already installed at airports around the world. They fit in shopping aisles and create a new avenue of promotion for retailers.
Tensator head of media Ajay Joshi said: “This is set to be a real game changer for the retail sector. Retailers felt that they needed something smaller, more flexible and at a lower price point for aisle and end cap promotions. Our product development team was able to act accordingly.
"We are delighted to once again be in a market-leading position by creating a product with the smallest footprint available.”
Tensator Virtual Assistant solutions applied elsewhere have already played a part in increasing sales by 75%, said Mr Joshi. He added: “With the Ultra able to sit directly next to the product selection, the ability to influence behavioural change and instantly convert to a sale is huge.”


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