Deadline looms in council’s consultation on jobs growth

Sep 06, 2011


The Economic Development Plan Consultation process comes to a close on September 30. Central Bedfordshire Council launched the process in July as part of its commitment to achieve the area’s economic potential and deliver 27,000 new jobs being forecast by 2026.
Officers are keen to hear the views of businesses based in Central Bedfordshire on the issues that will have the most impact in supporting jobs and business growth over the next three to five years.
Cllr Ken Matthews, executive member for sustainable communities planning and strategy, said: "Engaging with our communities is a must if we are to succeed in our key priorities. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses and employees who live in Central Bedfordshire to tell us what they expect from the council."
Businesses can have their say on line at the council’s website
Cllr Matthews said: "Based on extensive research we have identified a number of key themes which we propose to focus on, but we need people’s opinions and views on how best to address them and drive business growth in Central Bedfordshire over the next 15 years.
“The consultation process will allow us to prioritise activity and target resources at those areas which will make the biggest difference in driving local economic growth.”
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