Senior lecturer in marketing Dr Andrew Lindridge will discuss how organisations should respond to the challenges of the evolving demographics of western societies and developing nations and consider how to deal with the cultural changes this brings.

He will share his insights into how to negotiate the issues of culture and identity in business from a marketing perspective.

Dr Lindridge said: “Consumers often unintentionally purchase products not for what they offer but for what they culturally represent. By recognising this relationship, marketers have a commercial opportunity to enhance the cultural appeal of their product to prospective consumers.

“For example, the emergence of China as a key market for many prestigious European brands reflects wider global socio-economic, cultural and political changes.

"Indeed, your next Audi, BMW, Jaguar or Mercedes car is more likely to be designed to please Chinese cultural tastes than those of British or German consumers.”

Recognising cultural differences, however, is not only applicable to developing countries. The past 50 years have witnessed unprecedented levels of global migration. One outcome has been changing demographics of many western countries.

Dr Lindridge said: “As the demographics of western societies change, to what extent are the tastes of minority groups reflected, or instead, do they represent a global group that shares a common culture that transcends national boundaries?”

How marketers should negotiate the relationship between their products, cultural meanings and how consumers interpret these meanings will be explored in the presentation.

Dr Lindridge will be joined by Dr Terry O’Sullivan, senior lecturer in management, who will be facilitating the event.

The OUBS Business Network Breakfast Briefing takes place on July 7. A hot breakfast buffet will be served at 8am and the presentation will start at 8.30. From 9.30am, there will be an opportunity for networking. The event is free to attend but booking is essential.

For further information, or to register for a place, email or call 01908 332007.

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