Council hails new technology to cut cost of road repairs

May 04, 2019

NEW technology that
recycles old road surface to repair carriageways is saving time and money on
roadworks for Central Bedfordshire Council.

The process uses a large burner which heats the existing road
surface to 200oC to a depth of 30mm. The road is then levelled by a
roller and a hot thin surface is then added.

The council has been trialling the new technology to repair local
roads. “We are really pleased to be able to use this piece of machinery,” said
the council’s assistant director of highways Paul Mason. “It is really
impressive and benefits both the council and road users. By choosing to make
repairs using this innovative technique, we are able to get maximum reuse of
existing materials using fewer lorry movements and using less energy, which
reduces emissions.”

The machinery has been used to repair potholes
and clean gullies along the A6 near Barton-le-Clay and the A505 near Leighton

It will allow the council to resurface large areas of road more
efficiently, Mr Mason added.

“This is just another example of where we have used new technology
to get maximum value for money. This was the first time we have used this
machine, and it has been really effective, so we will now look at how we can
use it again in the future.”

Central Bedfordshire Council has secured £1.05 million of funding
from the Department for Transport and The Association of Directors of
Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport to use the technologies over the next
12 months.

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