Council director calls for flexible thinking

Jun 25, 2009


Keynote speaker Geoff Snelson, director of corporate strategy, leadership, and performance at Milton Keynes Council, explained how the council is thinking differently about its strategy and how local technology businesses can benefit from the next stage in the growth of Milton Keynes.
The forum, hosted by Biztech, heard about the challenges of aligning council departments to wider national initiatives including the legally binding requirement of reducing greenhouses gases by 80% by 2050.
Mr Snelson said: “It is a case of developing consensus within the council in using a ‘carrot’ approach whereby historically a ‘stick’ approach would have been adopted in promoting new initiatives.”
The theme of ‘thinking differently for better results’ continued with an interactive coaching session with Jacky Sherman, senior leadership coach at event sponsor Pharos Performance Ltd.
She said: “By not achieving a desired result people tend to do more of the same but with more vigour, resulting in frustration and wasted resources. However, with our experience in performance coaching, we are able to get individuals to think differently and arrive at a new strategy, ultimately leading them to their ideal outcome.”
Biztech chair Fredi Nonyelu said: “Biztech has always aimed to stimulate debate and provide a platform and voice for the promotion of technology provision within Milton Keynes and North Buckinghamshire.
"Our vision is to provide a trusted source of information and practical advice and events such as this play a key part in that engagement with local businesses."
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Pictured: (l-r) Fredi Nonyelu; Geoff Snelson; Jacky Sherman.
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