Council delight as residents embrace e-scooter trials

Sep 22, 2020

Pictured (from left): Steven Pyer; Cllr Lauren Townsend; Krishnan Kumar, Milton Keynes operations manager at Spin; Cllr Vanessa McPake.

USE of the e-scooters in Milton Keynes has passed the 10,000-ride milestone, operator Spin has announced.

The figure has been reached with around 3,500 users, showing that many residents have already tried Spin’s e-scooters and have gone back for multiple rides. 

Spin’s e-scooter trial was launched in August, initially placing 100 scooters on the streets for residents to use. The company plans to scale up to 300 scooters in the coming weeks.

This milestone has been reached faster than Spin had forecast, which is testament to the enthusiasm that Milton Keynes’ residents have for e-scooters and the effectiveness of the company’s partnership with Milton Keynes Council, Spin says.

Industry data indicates that around 41% of e-scooter trips directly replace car travel so the pace of e-scooter adoption in Milton Keynes represents an exciting shift to more sustainable transport. Spin is confident that this rate of growth can be maintained, with e-scooters becoming a regular and safe form of transport around the city. 

UK general manager Steve Pyer said: “We were very excited to bring the first of our UK e-scooter fleets to Milton Keynes in August and, following a highly-encouraging response from local riders, it is exceptionally positive to see this rapid rate of adoption for this great alternative to car travel.”

To take a trip, riders download the Spin App on their smartphone, review a comprehensive set of rules and safety guidelines, and then start their trip for £0.25 per minute (no unlock fee, which normally costs £1 per ride). The scooters can be used on the network of redways.

There have been some limited reports of irresponsible parking, which Milton Keynes Council and Spin are working together to resolve with new parking solutions. 

Cllr Lauren Townsend, cabinet member for sustainability, said: “We are delighted that our residents are embracing Spin’s e-scooters. We have a great track record on trialling new technologies here in Milton Keynes and we are excited at the potential for e-scooters to keep people out of their cars, cut emissions, and keep our air clean – a key part of our ambitious plans to make MK a leading green city.” 

Mr Pyer added:  “We will continue to work closely with Milton Keynes Council to ensure continued success. This is the first of many Spin e-scooter trials across the UK as part of our firm commitment to fully integrate e-scooters into local transport ecosystems.”

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