Council commits to improved recycling service for business

Sep 10, 2012


It has become the 15th local authority in the UK to sign up to the national Business Recycling and Waste Services Commitment.
By doing so, council executives are pledging to ensure businesses in the borough receive a waste and recycling collection service that meets their needs and provides value for money.
The commitment, drawn up by a steering group of local authorities, the local Government Association, the National Consumers Federation, the Waste and Resources Action Group and Defra, provides businesses with comprehensive support, guidance and advice on business recycling.
It follows the government’s Review of Waste Policy in England which stressed the important role of local authorities in providing access to waste and recycling services.
Milton Keynes Council currently uses specialist contractors for its waste management services and has a dedicated facility handling commercial waste at its Newport Pagnell Community Recycling Centre.
Cllr David Hopkins (pictured, front), cabinet member for environment and waste, said: “By signing up to the Business Recycling and Waste Services Commitment, Milton Keynes Council is reinforcing the message of commitment to both service and value to local businesses.
"The commitment makes it clear what businesses can expect from our service and we hope it will improve satisfaction.”
Research has identified barriers to greater participation by small businesses in recycling, including a lack of awareness of recycling services, a perception that contracts are inflexible and doubts as to whether materials are being recycled rather than merely ending up in landfill.
Andy Hudson (also pictured), the council’s head of environment and waste, said: “Most small businesses would like to be able to recycle at work as they do at home, particularly as the costs of sending waste to landfill is becoming ever more expensive.
"This commitment will help to improve recycling services, reassure people that their efforts to recycle are not wasted and ultimately save businesses money.”
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