Commuters hit by 6.5% rail fare increase

Jan 03, 2012


The increase has angered passengers and Labour politicians in Milton Keynes, who warn that the price of an annual season ticket could have risen by a further £1,000 before the next general election, due by 2015.
The Fair Fares Now campaign estimates that fares – including off-peak – will be around 24% higher by the time of the next election.
The government had been planning to allow rail companies to raise the cost of fares by Retail Price Index inflation plus 3 % but was forced to reduce it to inflation plus 1% following a backlash from campaigners and the public.
This will still see season tickets holders paying £4,408 to travel to London, excluding tube fares.
The average fare increase on London Midland trains is 4.2%, says the train operator. Yet commuters prices to London are going up by 6.5%.
Andrew Pakes, Labour & Co-operative Parliamentary Spokesperson for Milton Keynes said:  “Yet another cold start to the year for commuters facing higher prices for the same journey. We have the highest fares in Europe and an extra £268 will be another knock for many commuters facing rising living costs, frozen wages and cuts to tax credits.”
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